How to choose your copier

Choosing office equipment isn’t like picking out a bookshelf and sticking it in a random corner. It is both a long term and short term investment that should be prepared for carefully. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

-Do you trust your provider and their professional recommendations?

-What sort of service do they offer?

-Do they supply the toner to your machine?

Often times you will run into a fantastic sales pitch that is easy on your budget…until the machine breaks down or needs toner. Asking these questions could save you both time and money when there is an emergency and your flashy sales guy is no where in sight.

Did your deal cover the cost of the service you will need? Does it include your toner and delivery?

Some other questions you should ask are:

-Is this the correct machine for our needs?

-Is it the right size for our office?

Sure, that desktop machine sounds easier on your budget, but it isn’t meant to churn out hundreds of documents a day. You don’t want to be an an accountant during tax season with a machine that can’t keep up with your needs. This doesn’t even take into account the cost of your supplies. Generally speaking, the smaller your machine is the more expensive it is to run.

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