Size matters

Are you feeling boxed in?

A few weeks ago we talked about size as in, what your copier could produce for you. You should also pay attention to the physical size of  your machine. While you may need a machine that can keep up with a larger demand, you don’t want to be stuck with a machine that doesn’t physically fit in your office.

More than once we have received service calls on machines that have damages from someone taking off a paper drawer or multipurpose tray. Usually these mishaps happen when there is not enough space in your office for both you and your copier. In addition, many companies might take advantage of a ‘high volume’ office and try to sell you every accessory they can reasonably get away with in order to make their bottom line (meaning more clunky hardware and limited square footage).

Don’t be afraid to discuss your options with your sales representative, find out why they believe that extra side paper deck is a good solution for your office. Ask them if that very large finisher is going to make a real difference in your efficiency. Don’t be afraid to ask for training on how to use these accessories so that they aren’t dead weight two weeks later.

If your representative is unwilling or unable to provide this service then it’s time to look elsewhere. Shop around, think outside the box until you no longer feel cornered.

You can trust Capital Office Products to work with you in order to find the perfect fit for your office. We don’t believe in selling for the sake of a sale. We want to build lasting relationships built on mutual trust so that you can count on us to provide you with the best equipment and the best service for as long as you are in business, not just for three to five years at a time.

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