At Capital Office Products, we go beyond just selling you the equipment. We work to uncover challenges that are costing your business valuable time and money. By streamlining your document workflow, we can help increase productivity.



This app transforms your MFP into an on-ramp for routing documents to any folder in your DMS, not to mention store, retrieve and share files quickly, easily, and securely. Additionally, DMConnect allows you to enter index data at the control panel of your copier, enhancing the overall workflow and ensuring accurate information is being attached.


Instead of restrictive scan to email or scan to shared folder methods, employees can now scan directly to any number of locations on their PC or Mac from their MFP. When employees want to scan a document, all they have to do is access the PinPoint application on their copier, enter their pin code, select a personalized destination, and they’re ready to go!


Send files without size limitations. Many email servers have size restrictions for sending and receiving emails, causing potential data loss when sending large files. AccuSender powered by Biscom business application effectively addresses this issue by allowing users to scan and send those documents, quickly and easily, with no size limitations.


Without expensive middleware or server add-ons, your MFP becomes a high speed on-ramp for the conversion of paper documents into easily-shared digital files. With Sharepoint these electronic documents can be sent directly to your secure Microsoft SharePoint server – making it easier for employees to share and manage their information.

1. How long does it take to find what you're looking for?

When you need that important document and you realize it’s in the void that is your filing cabinet, you have to make a decision. Do you carve out a huge chunk of your day looking for it – bringing your workflow to a halt? Or do you cut your losses?

We have the tools you need to completely bypass that problem. Our customized solutions allow you to find documents quickly and easily – seconds rather than hours. With features like full-text search (yes, even for PDF files), scan-to-folder, and file retrieval, your work day is about to get a whole lot easier.

2. Does your staff use secure mobile and cloud technology?

Mobile printing and cloud filing systems are crucial to today’s modern workflow. When your equipment isn’t compatible, the use of third party apps and unsecured networks can be a very real threat to your security.

Our equipment is Google-ready and is compatible with Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Kyocera Cloud Connect, Kyocera Mobile Printing, and full access to your Google G Suite right from your MFP. Enjoy streamlined workflows wherever you are – and the confidence of knowing that your information is secure.

3. Are your documents safe if the network goes down?

Schools. Hospitals. Law firms. Every organization has documents it can’t afford to lose. Nearly everyone has experienced the loss of important information thanks to a storm-induced power outage or sudden network complication.

With Capital Office Products, we can help protect your business from data loss and keep your information available to you – even in the event that your network is down. With our machines, you can store critical documents right at your MFP and enable security features such as PIN codes and barcode scanning. Data recovery has never been more simple.


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