How long should your office equipment last?

Well, that is an interesting question. Unfortunately doesn’t have an easy answer.

A better question would be: Will my copier still meet my needs in 3-5 years?

The average copier lease is 36 to 60 months. This time frame is determined by your sales expert based off of your budget, volume and industry as well as the life of the warranties that can be applied to your equipment.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Your five year old Copystar might work for you now but what happens when you upgrade all of your software in the next few years and it is no longer compatible? Updated security options, cloud-based services and mobile applications are constantly evolving and forcing us as consumers to evolve along with it or go back to the stone ages.

Another point to consider is that a copier is a lot like a car. The longer you use it, the less efficient it is. Eventually, parts will start to wear down and break more often. Soon enough, it costs more to buy the parts to fix it than it is to pay monthly on a brand new machine. Is it really worth the time and effort spent to keep the old equipment just because you own it?

We can offer you a free assessment on how our technology can save you money and improve your business. Just give us a call at 803-407-4321 to schedule an appointment to talk to one of our highly qualified sales experts!

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