How can I lower my printing cost?

How can I lower my printing cost?

Every time you print something you are spending just a little bit of money on both your paper and your toner. Unfortunately that ‘little bit’ of money adds up pretty quickly. So, how do you lower your printing cost without sacrificing the quality and quantity you need to succeed?

Most Copystar vendors offer a service contract when you lease a machine through their company. These contracts can cover your supplies or a specific amount of included images by including the cost in your monthly payment.

But let’s be honest, even when you purchase a machine without signing a contract you are still paying for the cost of your printing supplies.

White space is a bad thing.
Don’t waste paper by printing out one email on one sheet of paper when you can combine multiple emails on one page or print on both sides of your paper.

Keep an eye on your printer preview.
Why? Because it can save you time, effort and frustration (not to mention money). You don’t want to start your print job over all because you forgot to change it to ‘landscape’ instead of ‘portrait’.

Check your color settings.
Do you have to print in color? Color is always a more expensive option so keep an eye out for any errant images or hyperlinks that you don’t need to include on your document.

Keep your machine clean and well cared for.
A dingy or damaged machine could result in frequent paper jams, lines on your copies or over all dirty looking prints. All of which could result in costly service fees on top of the cost of re-printing everything after your copier is cleaned and repaired.

If you feel like you are paying too much for printing then don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 803-407-4321 to speak with one of our specialists to discuss what service option best fits your needs.

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