How to prevent paper jams

Ok, it’s crunch time. That big meeting you have been preparing for is only an hour away so you get ready to print out your presentation. You step up to your copier in anticipation of seeing all of your hard work print out in neat little stacks and then…you hear it. That ominous ‘beep-beep-beep’ that brings tears to the eyes of grown men as they realize that their copier has a paper jam.


Some of the most common paper jams are born because no one takes the time to prevent them. Following these three simple steps can do a lot to reduce jam-induced frustration around the office.

  1. Don’t overload the paper tray.
    Every copier has a set capacity for each tray. When you go over that limit your machine is more likely to pick up more than one sheet of paper at a time and create your jam.
  2. Don’t mix and match paper.
    A printer is a complicated piece of machinery that adjusts itself according to what type of paper is in it’s tray. However when you mix and match paper with different sizes or thickness it can get confused. When the copier is confused it cannot adjust itself accordingly and jams as a result.
  3. Keep your copier clean.
    Routine service on your copier is recommended. Your environment creates a lot of issues in a machine. It should be kept away from extreme heat or moisture which could combine with things like dust or leftover toner to create a sticky mess in your machine. This can also create more problems than a less complicated paper jam.

Whatever you do just keep in mind that a little TLC could be the difference between that big promotion or a mental breakdown.

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