Knowledge is power... in this case, knowledge is money.

How much could you save if you knew how to control your print output? We can help with that.

Every business needs to print. Unfortunately, nearly every business spends too much to print. Did you know printing remains one of the least audited expenses in business today?

If you own several retail printers/copiers and buy your own ink and supplies, call us for help today. It’s free!

We can take the lead with your free print assessment. We will identify ways to help streamline print processes, maximize productivity of your equipment and supplies, and improve your total print cost.

Our expert consultants also evaluate your security weaknesses and give valuable insight on document management. Even if you’re not ready to purchase anything, our team will arm you with all the information you need to make the best decisions going forward.

Here are some questions our Print Assessment can help answer for you.

Print output remains the least managed aspect of businesses today. According to Buyer’s Laboratory, 90% of organizations do not track their printing costs. We can show you how to measure exactly what you print through our free assessment. 

1. Are you clear on what you spend for print output?

Once you know how much you print, you need to identify the right mix of equipment – commercial grade printers, copiers, MFPs, finishing options, etc. – that will satisfy your actual requirements. No more guesswork – just the right technology to help your business do business well.

2. Does your equipment fit your needs?

Did you know that our equipment comes with the built-in ability to monitor and even prohibit printing? Why would anyone want to prohibit printing you ask? Well, it’s not you, it’s your sweet neighbor Susan printing text documents in “full color” by accident. One accidental color print, 10 cents spent…times that by 1,000 (easily done in a week) and your office just forked over $100 from user oversight. Every 1 in 4 prints is an accidental color print. We’ve all done it! 

3. Does your staff have unrestricted access?

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