ECOSYS M3645idn


Being only 22 inches tall and 18 inches wide, this MFP is small but mighty.


The ECOSYS M3645 has standard intuitive Print, Copy, Color Scan and Fax efficiency.


Primed and ready for all of your favorite Google based apps, Kyocera Mobile Print, and Apple Airprint.


The ECOSYS series boasts unique Kyocera technology with lower running costs and long-life components.

ECOSYS - What's in a name?

The cost of ownership of Ecosys devices is the lowest in their class. When a lot of material is printed or copied, the cost of consumables can rise dramatically. Particularly where relatively expensive cartridges containing the drum, developer and toner has to be thrown away and replaced frequently. ECOSYS technology significantly reduces these costs: cartridge-free printing means no replacement.

Lower running costs

Kyocera developed the first silicon printer drum with a surface that is second only to diamond hardness. This extends the life significantly. Consumables are also developed to be long lasting. With other printers, when the toner runs out, the entire cartridge is thrown out and replaced at a huge cost to the user. In our models, the drum is separate from the toner. There is no need to replace everything.

Long-life components

A printer is usually selected on the amount or type of work required at the moment of purchase, but what happens when that changes? With Ecosys products a wide range of paper trays and functions can be added, along with several document output options. This is a reliable document management system remains valid and secure, along with all the advantages that were reasons for the original purchase.

Modularity and functionality

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